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MALAYSIA MEDICAL INSURANCE ORGANIZATION (MMI) is the Largest Medical and Health Insurance Organisation in Malaysia



Your Trusted and Experience Malaysia Largest Risk Management Medical Insurance Advisory Organization.
About Us............
Introducing Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI) .....................

During these solid 23 years of "hard ground" experiences, we "MMI" have developed wide range of Malaysia Medical and Health Insurance product suits for Malaysian.

These solid years of experience has earned MMI a reputation of  " THE LARGEST MALAYSIA MEDICAL AND HEALTH INSURANCE ORGANIZATION".
MMI have many successful medical and health insurance schemes with proven track record and in the process of arrange many more new medical and health insurance products.

MMI have a team of young, trusted, experienced, qualified and dynamic team in nationwide and are prepared to take upon any new challenges with the ever changing landscape of the medical and health insurance industries.
MMI provided medical and health insurance professional training course and having experienced help desk support officer, friendly customer services officer and prompt service claim support officer at MMI head office and nationwide.
MMI registered associate members have at least have more than five years experience in medical and health insurance policy. And they have acquired medical insurance knowledge at leading insurance companies. In fact, most of them are attached to prestigious insurance companies in Malaysia.
In addition, MMI registered associate members have a proven track record of servicing more than 100,0000 clients or policy holders in Malaysia Medical and Health Insurance coverage since year 1989.
MMI have more than 300 registered associate members at Nationwide is your Trusted and Experienced Medical Insurance senior advisers.

Our vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Core Values & Service Intent Statement


Our clients come to meet us with their insurance needs. We will fulfill these needs by designing and delivering sound professional advice and provide practical solutions. They can expect superior value and quality services at all times.

We seek to build and treasure viable long-term relationships with all our clients. If we cannot meet their needs, we will explain why, offer alternatives and work to assure them that we have tried our best.


We seek to build and have people who are adaptable, balanced, and competent. Just as we value strong and sustainable partnerships with our clients, so it is with our staff and our business associates.

To achieve the sales target and become the Most Knowledgeable and Respectable Insurance intermediary by providing the best coverage to suit our clients need and to provide them sound professional advice before policy inception until claim settlement.

To be the most Organized and Respectable Insurance Intermediary in this region. The Niche market player with "MALAYSIA MEDICAL INSURANCE SOLUTION SERVICES ". Our service standard are beyond comparison and contract.


M -  Moving one step ahead and always deliver what we promised.
M -  Managed and committed deliver service.

 I  -  Innovative, Professional knowledge and committed to our clients.

Together, we are committed. 
To serve our customers as a dedicated and responsible medical insurance advisor and medical insurance solutions provider. 
To provide our employees with a dynamic work environment that will challenge, motivate and reward them.

In all our journey to excellent, we aspire to set legend in the Malaysia medical insurance industry.

Your Risk, We Advise

Your Claim, We Manage

Your Problem, We Solve


Long term benefits should not be sacrificed for short term gains.


1. Integrity
2. Being Professional
3. Confront Problems Immediately
4. Pay Attention To Details To Achieve Perfection
5. Be Bold
   - Hiring Process
   - Product Development
   - People Development

MMI Provided an Insurance Solution Services for Malaysia Medical and Health Insurance Coverage plan or policy as below :
Medical Insurance coverage,
Health Insurance,
Medical Care Insurance,
Medical Card Admission Benefits insurance,
Hospitalization Insurance,
Surgical fees and Anesthetist fees Insurance coverage,
Specialist Consultant, Surgeon and Physician expenses Insurance coverage,
Accident Income Insurance,
Accident Disablement Insurance,
Accident Medical Expenses Insurance Accidental Insurance,
Traveling Medical Expenses Coverage Insurance,
Traveling Accident Expenses Coverage Insurance,
Disablement Insurance coverage,
Dread Disease Insurance coverage,
Above mention medical and health insurance coverage plan or policy is commonly known, is the most basic form of protection for individual or group workers or employees benefits. It prevents you and your family from having to pay for expensive hospital procedures should an accident, illness or disability occur in Malaysia or oversea when you and  traveling.
Underwritten by Malaysia Insurance company  
MMI Prevention and Wellness Division (MMIPW)
MMI Prevention and Wellness Program
Our Aspirations
Patience, dedication, hard work, good organization, discernment and foresight have turned many of our earlier dreams into reality.
MMI to participate in several prevention and wellness program services and campaigns to bring about an understanding in preventive and wellness education. MMI create an understanding of the extent of consequences that prevention from diseases and can have on our lives when unchecked.
MMI focus on five very important areas:
Research: To advance understanding prevention of the causes of disease and provide the basis information of new techniques in treatment information and prevention and wellness information and knowledge.
Public Education: To develop and implement health educational programs designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to assist in preventing disease and accidental.
Professional Education: To increase the knowledge and improve the skills of health prevention and wellness program.
Rehabilitation: To encourage prevention and wellness programs which promote the rehabilitation of those suffering from diseases.
Public Service: To Provide specialist or treatment information who are need medical advice, second opinion or medical treatment reference or information.
Our Future
While we have traveled a long way, there is a tough journey still ahead of us.
The percentage of medically certified deaths attributed to cardiovascular diseases and cancer and has become the No 1 and No 2 killer disease in Malaysia.
There still needs much to be done and we certainly ask for your participating.
For example, in the next 12 months we aim to extend prevention and wellness program or seminar in Basic Life Support to all Malaysians.
We aim to build an active publishing program in order to provide resource material to schools, workplaces and the community and develop an active Prevention and Wellness Resource Center.
We aim to:
Work with health professionals to hold training seminars for personnel interested in working in areas such as cardiac or cancer rehabilitation or wellness program, nutrition etc.
Expand support for the cardiac or cancer rehabilitation or wellness programs in the community and give them the best chance of a return to a full life following heart attack or surgery. Continue to support health prevention and wellness programs.
Poor health behaviour often starts in childhood. MMI Prevention and Wellness Division (MMIPW) hope to work towards promoting a healthy lifestyle program and prevention and wellness program in preschools and schools with the co-operation of the Ministries of Health and Education.
Our Activities
The tide is turning but major challenges remain.
Awareness or wellness program has been increasing annually with the increase in activities.
Education is the key to healthier lifestyles and prevention.
We also provide resources to students, teachers, employers and community groups and the media.
Many of the ongoing awareness or wellness programs are well known in the community, such as, the Heart or Cancer Week which is held 2 times each year and at different locations in the country.
We bring fun along with a fitness message, and through health screening and forums, we create interest and awareness about risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases, healthy living and heart to the community at large.
MMIPW also works towards creating interest in Basic Life Support. We work with health professionals and conduct demonstrations in the life - saving technique.
Health promotion programs in schools and workplaces, to encourage provision of healthy food choices and exercise in a healthy smoke-free environment
Promoting Health Awareness, prevention and wellness program
Encouraging people to change their lifestyles and to help develop environments which make healthy choices easier, are a fundamental part of MMIPW drive to reduce premature death and disability from cancer, heart and circulatory disease and others dread disease.




The "MMI" CLAIMS ADVISORY UNIT (MMI-CAU) was formed in the year 2010 order to assist "MMI" Insured/Client in their claims matters which scope encompasses the dispensing of advise on insurance and legal related matters, submission of documents to the Insurers and acting as an intermediary between the Insured and Insurer. The main task of CAU is to ensure that both the Insurer and Insured are given the best service by providing the best solution to matters pertaining to claims.

"MMI-CAU" is headed by "MMI" CEO Mr Anthony Chin and assisted by Ms. Anna Sim. "MMI-CAU" handles claims pertaining to several classes which are individually handled by specific, designated persons.

"MMI" Claim Unit team members lead by Ms Veronica Yap will handles claims with regards to the Individual and Group Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance Schemes.

The primary task of "MMI-CAU" is to maintain efficiency and an optimum service standard in the process of claims handling. Procedures are to be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that deadlines are met particularly in relation to Insurers who are compelled to conform with ISO standards. It is the responsibility of "MMI-CAU" to ensure that the Insured parties are regularly updated on the claims status in order to keep them informed on the progress of their claims.

There is currently in place, a proper reporting system to the Insured parties, the Insurer as well as the Management team. This system has been designed with the purpose of creating a more pro-active working environment. With this system in place, it enables the Insured parties as well as the Insurers to be handled in a professional manner whilst simultaneously maintaining a cordial relationship with both parties.

"MMI-CAU" is geared towards providing the best claims services to both the Insured as well as the Insurer. The objective of "ACPG-CAU" is to ensure that both the Insurer as well as the Insured are satisfied with the decision pertaining to the claim. Hence, under the circumstances, regardless of whether or not claims are settled, it is always necessary to provide a proper explanation which is substantiated and justified with facts in order to avoid any uncertainty, disputes and challenges pertaining to the same.

The mission of "MMI-CAU" is to be the
'Most Efficient, Effective and Reliable Department for Insurance Claims’.

The vision of "MMI-CAU" is to be the
'Solution Provider for All Types of Insurance Claims’.

"MMI CAU" 12 points Claims Service Standard (CSS)

01) Pay immediate attention to a loss.
02) Documentation & Standardize claims procedure.
03) Priority of claims (Not applicable for non liability claims)
04) Policy advise, condition & coverage (coordination).
05) Coordination with property & liability (if any) surveyor.
06) Insurer's Interest
07) Our Company Interest e.g. additional premium, reinstate of loss, additional premium for under insurance.
08) Pay attention to customer's opinion / view and to provide claims advise.
09) Future business (assistance case)
10) Claims status and immediate response to status of loss, withdrawal.
11) Claims analysis during renewal (loss ratio)
12) Our customer's satisfaction.

"MMI" Claim Unit Helpline

"MMI" Claim Careline (office hours): + 603   - 9286 3323.

"MMI" 24 hours Claim Notification on

SMS, Whatsapps, Wechat,Viber, Line : + 6011 - 1223 9838

"MMI" Claim Fax services (office hours) : + 603   - 9282 3232

 "MMI" Claim Email Support / enquiry / claim notification :

"MMI" Claim Skype Account : (during office hours).

"MMI" Office Hours, Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.30pm. 

MMI Founder and Chairman MESSAGE - Mr Anthony Chin (AC)

Let me be the first to welcome you to MMI’s official website! It is our intent to continuously update and improve our website to provide relevant and useful information to all our valued visitors.

As the Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization of this challenging and exciting medical and health insurance industry, MMI are committed to enhance professional standards and development of the medical and health insurance industry in Malaysia.

Today, MMI stands proud as the custodian of professional standards and a leader and largest of providing medical insurance marketing and services, education and training, and all others related prevention and wellness programs in Malaysia.

MMI aim to be the preferred choice for medical insurance marketing and servicing group, education and training for medical insurance product and services, MMI will fully ensure that MMI provide quality and relevant medical insurance solution services, medical insurance education and training programs with the right expertise and resources.

MMI management team committed delivering the best and making a difference by adding value in our medical and health insurance solution services. 

The growth of the medical insurance industry and our MMI associate members is our inspiration and your full support is our catalyst to move forward in transforming the Malaysia Medical Insurance industry.

MMI look forward to your continued support and participation.

Thank you,


Anthony Chin (AC)

Chairman of MMI 

+603-9286 3323
+603-9282 3232

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organisation (MMI) Management Teams, Principal Consultant and support staffs.
MMI Organization Founder cum CEO Profile


MMI Organization Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Anthony Chin is a Member of Million Dollar Round Table MDRT (USA) qualifier and has had more than 23 years experiences ( since 1989 ) in the Malaysia Insurance industry.
Mr Anthony Chin become the youngest Senior Manager of Agency for the Insurance Company. His 18 years agency management experience was gained from providing training general & Business insurances, healthcare management and training services. He has had 18 years experience in managing his own management and training company.

Mr. Anthony Chin outstanding leadership and management forte gained him an interview by an magazine and new paper from year 1995 until 2010 as a "Super Insurance Salesman”, the "Best Insurance Manager” and as a "Best Management Company” in the Business World Magazine and Corporate Journey Magazine as the cover story in its July 2001 and October 2008 edition. He is capable in motivating and leading the company to achieve sales they never thought was possible.
Mr Anthony Chin (AC)
Master of Business Administration (MBA, USA).
* More than 22 years of experience in Financial Management and Business Development.
* 20 years of experience in Asset Management Development.
* 18 years of experience in Operations Management and Business Training Consultancy.
* Training & Consultancy in Financial and Asset Management Service.
* Appointed as Marketing and Corporate Training Consultant by a multitude of financial groups.
* Executive Chairman of ACP Group.
* More than 1000 experience-sharing talks attended by sell-out audience.
* Founder of "Power of Truth” Success Training Programme.

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)
Your Trusted Malaysia Medical Insurance Risk Management Advisory Provider

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)
Head Office,
MMI careline +603-92863323
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