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Malaysia Medical Insurance Organisation (MMI) offer international health insurance plans that are designed for foreign nationals living outside the country for which they hold a passport.



AXA International Health Plan - Global Medical Insurance Program

Arranged By
Malaysia Medical Insurance Organisation (MMI)





AXA International Health Plan - Global Medical Insurance Program


Access to the best medical treatments overseas is now easier and hassle-free


within Asia or are travelling abroad you’ll want to feel sure that, should anything happen to you or your family by way of an illness or injury, you’ll have access to the best possible medical care.




While abroad, you might find that the standards of healthcare that we take for granted aren’t always available elsewhere.




Private facilities are often prohibitively expensive.




Local hospitals may be unable to undertake the treatment you need or to arrange transportation to the nearest available healthcare facility in an emergency.




The reassurance of access to private healthcare for you and your family has become more important.




AXA International Exclusive is an international health insurance that provides a range of options to suit your particular needs. The entry age is up to 80. You have the options to pay your premium in either Singapore dollars or US dollars.




AXA International Exclusive


(Global Medical Insurance Plan)


Access to the best medical treatments overseas is now easier and hassle-free




You want the best medical treatment for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, this may require seeking treatments in overseas facilities.




AXA International Exclusive provides you with high medical coverage and access to treatment anywhere in the world.




Key benefits explained


Cashless access to the best medical treatment from hospitals worldwide.




Get fast and convenient treatment overseas when you need it with our medical card




Covers pre-existing & chronic illnesses.


Our plan provides you coverage for some pre-existing conditions after a waiting period.




Contact us to find out more on this special coverage.


Up to RM9,000,000 coverage a year.




High annual limit of up to RM9,000,000,


up to age 80




No lifetime limit.


Your annual coverage limit stays the same regardless of your previous claims




Worldwide out-patient treatment.


Including general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescribed drugs, dressings, necessary diagnostic tests, and vaccinations.




Emergency medical evacuation.


Unlimited cover for emergency transportation and medical care to the nearest hospital




Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)


Head Office


158-3-7 Blok 158 Jalan Jejaka,


Taman Maluri, Cheras,


55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




+6012-6489838, +6011-12239838 (Whatsapp)