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Comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Senior Gold PA Insurance Policy arranged by Malaysia Medical Insurance Organisation (MMI)


Product Name:MSIG Senior Citizen Personal Accident
Product Code:MSIG Senior Citizen Personal Accident
Product description:

Upon retirement, many senior citizens have all the time in the world to indulge in their favorite pastimes. However, they would need to take more care to avoid an accident. The MSIG Senior Citizens Personal Accident Insurance provides the financial security that allows them to enjoy their Golden Years with peace of mind. Premiums are low and many benefits, such as longer disablement period, are specially tailored to their needs.

Case Study

Mr. Chan, 58 years, has just retired from teaching and together with his wife they plan to keep themselves active in the school even in their retirement years. Although he has some savings put aside for emergencies, he knows at his age it is either difficult and/or expensive to obtain additional insurance plans.

Therefore, he did not think twice to sign up for MSIG’s Senior Citizens Personal Accident Plan for an annual (not monthly) premium of RM50 only for a sum insured of RM 50,000 as an additional insurance coverage for himself.

"Although I know it is not a medical / life insurance plan, it is still good to know there is a Personal Accident insurance designed just for Senior Citizens between 55 – 75 years of age at such an affordable annual premium of RM50 covering not only Accidental Death / Permanent Disability but other benefits like Convalescence, Hospital Income & Nursing Care. You know, old people are accident prone! I was also pleasantly surprised no medical examination was required.”

"By the way, I also bought a plan for my wife and we both received 15% discount! Only paid RM 95* annual premium for two of us.”

* Includes Stamp Duty



An elderly grandfather fell asleep whilst babysitting his grandchildren. The naughty grandchildren poked grand dad’s ear with a satay stick to wake him up but accidentally damaged his ear! MSIG paid for the medical expenses.

Note: Had he lost his hearing from this accident, the policy would have paid him 25% of the sum insured (varies from the plan purchased starting from RM50,000 to RM 250,000) for deafness to 1 ear; 75% for 2 ears.


MSIG Senior Citizen Personal Accident-MSIG Senior Citizen Personal Accident
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