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Product Name:AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card
Product Code:AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card
Product description:

A Premium Health Plan with the Widest Coverage -
ACPG AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card Plan (Worldwide Coverage)
An illness or accident can put a real strain - on your well-being as well your finances. But now you don't have to worry about the expenses. Let ACPG AXA SmartCare Optimum concentrate on the bills whilst you concentrate on getting better.
  • Wider protection and flexibility from four different plans with coverage up to RM500,000.00
  • Outpatient treatment including
    • accident and emergency treatment
    • kidney dialysis
    • cancer treatment
  • Deductible Option
    • You may choose to buy Deductible Option where you pay the first RM7,500, RM10,000, RM15,000 or RM20,000 of your hospitalization bills.
    • You will be entitled to a premium discount up to 50%
    • No need to declare health status if you decide to convert this Deductible policy to Non-deductible policy subject to following conditions:
      • Insured's age next birthday is 59 or below,
      • the coverage for the Insured has been inforced for at least 2 continuous policy years,
      • conversion is only allowed upon policy renewal,
      • coversion is for the same plan only,
      • Insured must submit a written request to the Company,
      • the required additional premium must be paid,
      • any existing loadings and/or exclusions shall continue as per the original Deductible Policy,
      • one time conversion is allowed per lifetime.
  • Cashless Admission facilities
    • admission into any of our AXA 's panel hospitals without paying cash deposit
  • 24 hour assistance on medical referrals and travel information
  • 24 hour telephone medical consultation
    • telephone referral i.e. doctors and hospitals
    • emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services outside Malaysia
  • Income tax relief
    • You can qualify for income tax relief up to RM3,000 for medical insurance premium
(benefit within Malaysia, annual maximum)
RM500,000 RM200,000 RM100,000 RM50,000
Room & Board, daily maximum
Room Category

Total number of days


Basic Suite

Standard Single Room

Double Bedded Room

Four Bedded Room
150 days 120 days 120 days 120 days
Intensive care unit, daily maximum

Total number of days

Full Reimbursement
60 days 60 days 60 days 60 days
Ambulance Full Reimbursement RM350 RM350
Insured Child's Daily Guardian Benefits (for child below 15 years old, up to 60 days) Full Reimbursement Not Applicable
Prescription Drugs Full Reimbursement
Nursing, Theatre Consumables & other Ancillary Charges Full Reimbursement
Surgeon's Fees
Anesthetist's Fee
Diagnostic Procedures & Physiotherapy Physician Fees, one visit per day
Specialist fees, one visit per day
Full Reimbursement subject to Overall Annual
Limit provided the charges are within the
recommendations of the Malaysian Medical
Association Guidelines and Reasonable
and Customary charges
Operating Theatre Full Reimbursement
Malaysian Government Hospital Daily Cash Allowance

Total number of days


150 days


120 days


120 days


120 days

Consultations & Diagnostic Procedures within 31 days before hospital confinement RM5,500 RM3,500 RM2,500 RM1,500
Post Hospitalisation Care and Physiotherapy Treatment within 31 days from hospital discharge RM5,500 RM3,500 RM2,500 RM1,500
Accident & Emergency Treatment within 31 days from the date of the accident
Full Reimbursement
Kidney Dialysis, lifetime maximum RM150,000 RM100,000 RM40,000 RM30,000
Cancer Treatment, lifetime maximum RM150,000
RM100,000 RM40,000 RM30,000
Accidental Death Benefit RM3,000 RM3,000 RM3,000 RM3,000
International Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, per annual maximum RM500,000 Not Applicable
If you would like to know more, please email to or contact MMI Medical Careline +603-92863323.
Hospital Admission Hotline

03-2296 3188

Cashless Admission (Panel Hospitals Only)
Just present your Datalink Healthcare Card for cashless, hassle-free admission. If you do not have the card with you at the time of admission, call the hotline above and inform the operator your name and identity card number.

Panel Hospitals
Click here to read/download AXA General Malaysia panel hospitals.

FAQ for ACPG AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card Plan

  • Who is eligible to join?
    If you are in the age group of 1 to 59 as of your next birthday, you are eligible to join. We offer renewal up to age 80 provided you were already a member on your 59th birthday. Dependent children (unmarried & unemployed) must be above 15 days and under 19 years of age, or under 23 years of age if the child is still on full-time higher education in Malaysia. If a policy is taken up for one member only, who is a child below 2 years of age, the child’s health records have to be submitted for underwriting review.
  • Is there a surgical schedule?
    No. There is no surgical schedule. Benefits are payable on a full refund basis.
  • What is cashless admission?
    This means that you don't have to pay deposits to the hospital if you are admitted to one of the AXA panel hospitals. We will pay, provided the nature of accident or illness is covered under the policy.
  • What does international emergency medical assistance provide?
    It provides 24 hours telephone medical consultation, telephone referral to doctors and hospitals, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services outside Malaysia.
  • Are the Premiums Guaranteed?
    We may charge the premiums in the future as the premium rates are not guaranteed. If we need to charge, this will be based on our overall experience in underwriting this class of business and any changes in Premiums will be notified and made on your policy anniversary.
  • Is the Renewal Guaranteed?
    There is no selective Renewal Loading or Exclusion on individual if claim is made during previous year. No restriction on lifetime limit and full annual limit is restated at Policy Renewal . However, the renewal of the Policy is at the option of Policyowner until the occurrence of any of the following:-

a) non payment of premiums or premiums not made on time
b) fraud or misrepresentation of material fact during application
c) the Policy is cancelled at the request of the policyholder
d) on the death of the policyholder or an Insured Person
e) the Insured Person ceases to qualify as a dependent based on the definitions of the Policy
f) the Insured Person attains the coverage age limit specified
g) termination of coverage for all policies in a certain market
  • What are the disadvantages on switching policy from one insurer to another?
    One of the main disadvantages is if your current health status is less favourable to the new insurer, new terms may be imposed to exclude such illness To ensure continuous cover is provided, you are advised to check with us on the accepting terms prior to your policy expiry date.



Hospital Admission Hotline

03-2296 3188

Cashless Admission (Panel Hospitals Only)
Just present your Datalink Healthcare Card for cashless, hassle-free admission. If you do not have the card with you at the time of admission, call the hotline above and inform the operator your name and identity card number.

Panel Hospitals
Click here to read/download AXA Medical Card Panel hospitals.

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad is a joint venture between AXA Group and Affin Holdings Berhad, a leader in Malaysia’s financial services industry. We were incorporated in Malaysia on July 12th, 1975 as a licensed general insurance company. Prior to that, companies that now form part of the AXA Group operated in Malaysia for a period stretching back to 1874. AXA Affin has been focusing on growth in Malaysia and is one of the most profitable in the insurance industry. We employ about 700 people in 21 offices all over Malaysia, and service more than 300,000 customers through nearly 3000 agents.

With over 130 years of experience in Malaysia, we have expertise in personal, business and health insurances. Our product range includes Motor, Household, Health, Accidental and Travel Insurance for individual customers as well as comprehensive plans specially designed for SME businesses. In addition, we provide insurance services in specialist fields such as Marine and Trade Credit Insurance.

Our Commitment

We strive to become the preferred company by conducting our business responsibly and building long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners. Three core attitudes that guide our daily actions and our commitment:

Available: We are there when our customers need us and we listen to them, truly.

Attentive: We treat our customers with empathy and consideration, provide personalized advice along their lives and reward their loyalty.

Reliable: We say what we do and we do what we say, we deliver and keep our customers informed, so that they can trust us.

Member of PIDM

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad is a member of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). As a member of PIDM, some of the benefits insured under the takaful certificates or insurance policies offered by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad are protected against loss of part or all of takaful or insurance benefits by PIDM, in the unlikely event of an insurer member failure. For further details of protection limits and the scope of coverage, please obtain a PIDM information brochure from AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad or visit PIDM website ( or call PIDM toll free line (1-800-88-1266).

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AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card-AXA SmartCare Optimum Medical Card